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Monday, February 16, 2009

How You Changed My Life

Confession:  Some people have come into my life for only a moment never knowing the imprint they left behind.  I wonder if it was you and if you know how you changed my life...

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Dear Kind Gentleman;   
When spring begins to rise from winter's sleep, when there is still a chill in the air but you can feel the warmth of the sun, when the little birds begin to sing again - I think of you.  It was oh, so long ago, and on a day at exactly this time of year.  It was a fleeting moment, yet here I am these many years later still thinking of you and loving the gift you left behind.  

I was still a teenager when we met.  I was going up the steps to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton; you, a stranger, were coming down the steps toward me.  So clear is the memory.  The day was beautiful, yet it was a sad and very difficult one.  You see, it was my first visit with Dad since learning that his illness was terminal.  Oh, the heartache I was feeling - the heaviness - the concern.  All of this necessarily hidden inside, and none of it known to you.

Extra time had been taken that day to make sure my appearance would please Dad a little more than usual.  It was also important that my behaviour reflect the lessons he had taught - very serious stuff.  I dressed, put on nylon stockings and a little pair of princess heel shoes, slipped into the pretty light blue spring coat that Dad liked so much, and off I went.  It had to be special for Dad, who was a fine gentleman himself and appreciated when took time and made an effort.

Arriving at the hospital, I started up the steps in trepidation but with my head held high.  (Dad taught me that.)  And there you were, a clergyman, coming down the steps toward me.  When we were close enough, you did what was to me the most amazing thing.  You tipped your hat to me and said a pleasant "good morning" -  you formally acknowledged my young womanhood.  From that moment on, I was no longer just a teenager - I was suddenly a young woman worthy of a gentleman's notice.  I was a woman who could handle what lay ahead and who knew how to conduct herself.  As the trepidation thinned and my spirits expanded, it seemed a good visit with Dad was guaranteed. 

Dear sweet Gentleman you never knew the power of your simple gesture that day.  In a tiny moment of chivalry and kindness you influenced my life forevermore.  You helped me face that sad, difficult day with courage and the deportment deserving of womanhood.  For all the springtimes in my life you are, and will always be, remembered with fondness. 

I honour your memory with this letter and remain

Eternally grateful,

The Letter Writer

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  1. you are an amazing woman.

    i love your blog. :)



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